Founder Club Terms of Service

Founder Club

Terms of Service

Brothers, what we do in life… echoes in eternity.

Maximus – Gladiator (2000)

By choosing to become a Founder’s Club Member you agree to the following:

  • You are making a single, one-time investment that is $1,500 per equity certificate. You may choose to invest in 1, 3, 5 or 10 certificates.
  • This business will start with or without investors. I am only giving people the opportunity to share in the wealth!
  • You are entitled to 1 % of Abundance League International’s net profits per certificate.
  • All payments due are paid monthly, beginning in the third month with a one month lag (ie. You become a founding member in June, your first equity payment will be made toward the end of September for the month of June after the books have reconciled)
  • Initial payments may start later, depending on my ability to find a network marketing platform that fits all of my requirements.
  • As an equity partner you will receive regular updates via email and / or conference calls and / or live “hangouts” to keep you up to date with the progress and growth of the business periodically.
  • As an equity partner you will be expected to promote this opportunity to your list on regular basis.
  • As an equity partner you agree to have your photo and a brief bio available on the Founding Members page on Abundance League International’s website. You may choose, however, to invest “in memory” of and list their information.
  • As a minority equity partner you are considered a silent partner. However, your opinions, experience and expertise may be shared to help me guide the business.
  • Your investment will be used to craft, create and launch Abundance League International. Additionally, you investment will be used for other expenses as deemed necessary.
  • Your investment will be used to create proprietary program that Abundance League International marketers will be selling.
  • I reserve the right to sell the business at any time. If a sale does occur, you will compensated with 1 % per equity certificate of the net selling price.
  • In order to grow Abundance League International’s initial funds, your investment may be used in other quick growing investment strategies.
  • By choosing to invest in Abundance League International as a Founding Member you recognize that all investments take on some risk. Not all investments or business ventures are successful. There is a possibility that the business will fail and you will lose your investment. Although not likely, it is a possibility that must be legally listed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via email at

After you have read and agree with the above terms of service, please click your chosen investment below!

Only 17 Available

Bronze total investment: $1,500 for 1 % net profits


Only 4 Available

Gold total investment: $4,500 for 3 % net profits


Only 2 Available

Platinum total investment: $7,500 for 5% net profits


Only 1 Available

Elite total investment: $15,000 for 10% net profits



(The above link will take you my PayPal account, Davis Solutions. You may also choose to send a check. If you prefer that method, please contact me via email at )

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