ALI Founders Club

Strictly Limited to 49 Founding Equity Partnership Certificates (Including Co-Founder!)

(Only 24 Spots Available!)

Join Me In Training The World!

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

Helen Keller

You may never see an opportunity like this again in your lifetime –

– that is no exaggeration!

Huge Amounts of Money are Made in Disrupting and Revolutionizing Industries! (Or Lost if Don’t Take Action!)

Are you ready to change your life forever?

Are you prepared to take the action necessary to make all of your dreams come true?

Are you ready to stop making excuses and start actually creating the life you deserve?

Are you ready to make a single decision that has the power to change every aspect of your life?

Then keep reading!

Pre-launch is Set for June 24, 2017 – This Really is a Limited Time Opportunity!

Audaces fortuna iuvat

(Fortune favors the bold)

-Aeneid (C. 19 BC)

Earn From Every Single Member!

What’s better than being a top earner in a network marketing opportunity, home business or MLM?

How about being in an equity ownership position of the company?!

Being in an ownership position entitles you to earn from every single member… Even if you can’t manage to sell, prospect or sponsor!

Being in an equity ownership position means you will earn money each and every time anyone joins the program… Not just the people that you introduce the business to!

Think about this for a minute: There are leading distributors in practically every single reputable network marketing company earning a million dollars or more… every single month

And you get to profit off of their efforts!

Also think about the personal selling and recruiting power you will have by being able to tout that you are a founding member! (Depending on the Founder Club level you choose to take part in.)

5,500 People EVERYDAY in America Join a Network Marketing, MLM or Work From Home Program!

(And that’s the 2015 figure!)

According to The Direct Selling Association (DSA), network marketing went from 18.2 Million members to 20.2 Million members in America just in 2015… That’s 5,500 per day – that boils down to 229 each and every hour!

Just imagine the possibilities – – Even if Abundance League International was only able to attract 1% of those opportunity seekers that would be 55 every single day!

And all 55 would be earning money for you!

Don’t forget: That figure is only for America… Not worldwide! Looking at it from a worldwide aspect is absolutely mind boggling! 

Passively Earn Money 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week!

You’ll earn money from everyone that joins from the heavy hitters to one-and-done members… From the members that you recruit to the members that you will never of.

By being in an ownership position you are literally putting yourself in a position where you can get paid 24 hours a day, 365 days a year… Entirely passive – not including the members that you personally bring in… For them you’ll actually manage to get paid twice!

Additionally, as a founding member your name and profile will be listed as a Founding Partner on the official website when it officially launches! (Depending on the Founder Club level you choose to take part in.)

Change Your Life –

Practically Overnight!

Just being listed as a Founding Partner has the potential to change your entire life as you are suddenly listed as an “expert” in self development, business building and a business opportunity leader!

Every aspect of your life could change practically overnight – personally, professionally and financially!

Depending on the level of investment you choose you will have various perks ranging from free invitations to all events to speaking from stage to actually leading your own function.

And as the business grows and more and more functions are added, you may have the opportunity to actually lead the function!

As an equity partner you are going to get a minimum 1 % per Equity Partnership Certificate of Abundance League International’s net profits…

Just think of the staggering income potential!*

Investment Levels

There are four different investment levels you can take part in, including co-founder!

Bronze: 1 (one) Equity Certificate – Only 17 Available

Invest in one (1) equity certificate and get your name listed (along with a profile picture) as a Bronze Founding Member as well as 1 % of Abundance League International’s profits.

Gold: 3 (three) Equity Certificates – Only 4 Available

Invest in three (3) equity certificates and get your name listed (along with a profile picture) as a Gold Founding Member.

As a Gold Founding Member you will be able to provide a brief profile of yourself and link to your own website.

Additionally, as a Gold Founding Member, you will receive free, VIP access to all events.

Also, as a Gold Founding Member, you will receive 3% of Abundance League International’s profits.

Platinum: 5 (five) Equity Certificates – Only 2 Available

Invest in five (5) equity certificates and get your name listed (along with a profile picture) as a Platinum Founding Member.

Being a Platinum Founding Member entitles you to 5% of Abundance League International’s profits!

As a Platinum Founding Member you will be able to provide a brief profile of yourself and link to your personal website, as well as a link to the the YouTube video of your choosing.

Additionally, as a Platinum Founding Member, you will receive free, VIP access to all events… As well as the opportunity to speak from stage and actually hold your own ALI sponsored functions!

Elite: 10 (ten) Equity Certificates – Only 1 Available

Invest in ten (10) equity certificates and get listed as a co-founder!

Being an Elite Founding Member entitles you to 10% of Abundance League International’s net profits!

Get every benefit of the Platinum level as well as being listed a co-founder!

  • To keep track of inventory, I am serious about only 49 certificates being available, I am using PayPal and their inventory management to ensure that only the quantities listed above are sold.

The payments will keep coming and coming as long as the business opportunity Abundance League International exists!

ALI Founder Certificates are A Lot Less You Imagine!

With the potential for explosive growth and profits, how much do you think this investment is?






None of these figures are at all outrageous due to the potential return on investment (ROI) –

However, the investment in much smaller than you could ever expect…

Just $1,500 per certificate!

That’s right!

For only $1,500 you get a 1 % ownership stake in Abundance League International!

Now, there are only 49 total ownership certificates availableYou may invest in more than one to increase your ownership stake and your financial return. Remember, you get 1 % for every single certificate!

To continue, please click here to be directed to the Terms of Service page where I outline the use of your investment and how to make your equity investment.

Disclaimer: All investments carry risk. There is absolutely no way I, or anyone else, can guarantee a return on investment. Network marketing and MLM are very competitive markets, but I know that I have a powerful product, a sound business model and a business plan that should be successful.

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